The Riverwinds (more info)
  • Label: unsigned
  • Label Type: unsigned
  • About:
    Hey everyone!

    We are The Riverwinds. We are some guys from the Garden State who love to play good old rock n roll music. We formed in 2007 and since then have been working pretty hard. We released our "First EP", constantly playing shows around our homestate gathering a very loyal fanbase. We also played the 2008 Bamboozle Festival, are hitting the road for 3 weeks this summer and also are recording our very first full length album. So a lot is going to be happening; stick around for the ride.
  • Members:
    Bryan Wood - (Vocals, Guitar)
    Colin Dimeo - (Guitar)
    Matt Lyons - (Bass)
    Steve Tambone - (Drums, Vocals)
  • Influences: You decide.
  • Sounds Like: The Lemonheads, Tom Petty, Wilco, The Old 97's, The Replacements, Oasis, Weezer, The Wallflowers, The Counting Crows, Limbeck, Blackpool Lights, Ben Kweller, Hot Rod Circuit.
  • Member Since: 2008-05-16